So I wrote this week's newsletter not once, not twice, but now I'm up to three times. For some reason hitting my delete key has been prompting my browser to go back. At this point I've got a list of choice words for it, but none of them are appropriate for this venue! Still the show must go on, so read more to learn about World Hunger Relief Week, fire safety, and pumpkins - oh, so many pumpkins!

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On the note of microwave cooking, it's World Hunger Relief Week, and Yum! Brands, KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Long John Silver's and A&W Restaurants are accepting donations to feed the hungry. $1 will feed five children, which is a great deal! If you can't make it to any one of these locations for whatever reason, you can go to my favorite website and help out: Daily clicks there donate 1.1 staple cups of food to the hungry. If you're looking for a unique gift, this is the place to get one too in their store of fair trade goods. They will donate more food for purchases there, so it's a win-win situation! If you can, make sure to do your part to help end world hunger. We've got the means, so now we just need the will.
This week I got a surprise visit to Plattsmouth Elementary School, since my father had accidentally locked himself out of his car! But I got an extra surprise, since it was Fire Safety Week!
Outside Plattsmouth Elemntary
The volunteer fire department was visiting the students to teach them about fire safety. This included the old classics of "stop, drop, and roll," the importance of never playing with matches, smoke detector safety, how to get out of the house, and all those other good things. And of course, the firemen were there in person to help to reinforce these important lessons.
Here are the firemen, teaching the squirming ones!
The children got to watch a video, which featured Little Richard and Gilbert Gottfried in it. I was very surprised at least one of the students knew who Little Richard was, and the news of it spread throughout the crowd in tenacious murmers. I cringed every time the video called for interaction, since it meant that the students would then become like a pack of hyenas, answering the questions in redundant multitudes both to the video and to each other. Of course, it was easy to forgive them for the noise since they were just so darn cute! I would show you pictures of them, but liability issues impede so I will instead have to settle for a picture of their shiny fire truck.
Fire Truck!
I took quite a few shots of the truck, especially delighted that it wasn't the brand new chatreuse that seems to be replacing the classic red. I even got some shots of myself in the polished metal reflections.
I had to rush to work in Louisville after that. That was a lot of driving for one day!
I also went with my father to the Bloom Where You're Planted pumpkin patch for their pet day. It was a bit of a treacherous drive on the dirt road from all the rain, and the vehicle even fishtailed a bit in the mud. But it was totally worth the drive. There were so many pumpkins everywhere, like bright orange spectres haunting my peripheral vision everywhere I looked. But they were a lovely sight!
These babies were HUGE!
Chrysanthemums and pumpkins!
On top of that, since it was Pet Day, there were cute animals everywhere! Here are just a few of the lovely pets that people brought with them.
"I am so hyper, I make sugared children look calm!"
"Um... Am I supposed to play with this, or is this my afternoon snack?"
"Heeeey, wait! I'm not a pet! I'm a goat! Can I eat that camera, by the way?" - Click for full size
It was a good time, and even though the day was cloudy and muddy, there were lots of people around. It was nice to look around, and I saw a number of adorable children who were unfortunately far too wiggly to get pictures worth showing of. Those kids! I'd reccomend a visit for the season, since Halloween is upon you and their pumpkins are phenomenal, not to mention prolific!
Whew! The third time seems to be a charm. I am knocking on wood right now in the hopes that this newsletter will actually make it through. Have a great week, everyone. Halloween is almost upon us!