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Since when is it supposed to be in the mid to high 80's in October?! Our little interruption in the cool weather was quite dismaying (especially for those of us who thought we were done with our air conditioners), but it didn't do much to spoil the Cruisin' Main Street event. This week, there are pictures from that event as well as some articulation on the relatively brief time I spent there. Also, a special Tony Premo benefit and the information for that available here as well, so jump right in!
Tony Premo Benefit
Date: October 14th
Time: 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Place: The Double Down
226 Main Street, Plattsmouth, NE
Influenza Vaccine
Date: October 17th
Place: Plattsmouth Community Center
Questions? Call Carol Grey 296-3181
Ice Cream Social
Come discuss arthritis pain, diabetes, and joint pain... With ice cream!
Date: October 30th
Time: 12:00 PM
Place: Plattsmouth Community Center
Door Prizes at 10 AM! 
So I need more events. I haven't gotten much in the way of e-mails yet alerting me as to the goings-on of the city, so make sure to start them and keep them coming so I can post them up here. Also, the boards should be functional as well, so feel free to begin discussion on those as well. I welcome your input!
This past week on Friday, there was a special event in the city of Plattsmouth. The main streets were closed off for the Cruisin' Main Street event. I must admit, I was lazy in getting myself there with any expediency. I first had to make myself look nice enough not to horrify the good people of the city while I wandered around haplessly with my camera. I also had to make a brief stop along the way at the Platte River, where I sloshed through some serious puddles to get a few pictures:
A puddle along the Platte River
The Platte River

But when I finally did arrive, it was a warmer than usual October evening, with the sky casting a deep yellow light over an abundance of people, their classic cars, and all the buildings in the Plattsmouth area. It was really a lovely sight to see. I had a little trouble finding a place to park, but managed to tuck my car about two blocks from Main Street before wandering along the way to where the fun awas happening. Along the way I met a wayward dog with a blue and brown eye and a black coat who seemed very friendly, so I stopped to pet him. 

I was amazed by the number of classic cars that were on display! It's wonderful to see so many nice-looking vehicles in one place, especially lined up with their engines on display. Of course, I know almost nothing about the engines in question, so I had to ask someone in the know exactly what it was that I was looking at here.


 A lineup of cars
The other side of the street, with even more cars!

Along the way, a nice woman was giving away - gasp - FREE popcorn! It looked so buttery and delicious, I couldn't help but snag myself a some of it. Of course, I then bought the $1 water that they were selling along with it. That's a great plan, isn't it? Here's a free salty snack, but you'll have to buy the water! Of course, it was worth it to have a nice, cold bottle of it with me when the sun was beating down on my head. It temporarily incapacitated me in the realm of picture-taking however, since I only have two hands - one for popcorn, one for water. Sorry, camera. You lost out for a little while! I ducked into the overhang of a doorway and sat down on the cement step while I ate, listening to the rock music playing in the background with fond memories of my childhood. Unbeknownst to many, in spite of the music I like and the music that was playing though, I was not born in the 70's! My parents just had impeccable taste, which they then passed on to me.

While I was waiting there, I found an adorable girl playing near the lines of chairs. She seemed a little creeped out at first with this random girl with a camera talking to her, but at least one parent was keeping an eye on her so she sat down next to me while I ate and informed her of the free, buttery popped corn. The Monkees - I'm a Believer was playing in the background, with Mickey Dolenz singing the lead (though Neil Diamond composed that and many other Monkees songs). I sang along a little, knowing all the words by heart from having watched The Monkees TV show (yes, really) and hearing it over and over again. The girl beside me commented, "It's kind of like Shrek." "Yes, it is kind of like Shrek, but it's the Monkees singing it," I replied, knowing full well she would probably not remember what I had said. I'd forgotten up until then that Smash Mouth had covered it for that movie. Soon though her sister came to play, and they stood looking very much alike long enough for me to finish my popcorn and get another shot.


Twin sisters? I think so!

With that completed, I wandered into the bookstore on the other side of the street to check out their sale. They were having a wine tasting, but being 20 instead of 21, I honestly informed them of my inability to participate. Next year, eh? Still, an array of cheese, dips, crackers, fruit, and various sweet dessert items were on display in the back. I sat myself down in a chair and had myself a number of the chocolate wafer square... things. I don't know what they were, but they were good! I spent some time perusing the selection of books, and got this shot while I was snacking.

From the back of the bookstore

After that, I headed out to the cars! There was a 1905 Chevy, which I found to be very fascinating in both its antiquity and continued ability to operate. Most of the cars I've known don't last more than 10 years, let alone over 100! Here's a shot of two of the cars that caught my eye, and their icky, icky car guts.

Ford Racing! Look at the air breather on this one, embossed with flames that are shining in the light. It's so gorgeous! The gas lines are also so very shiny.
And here's the whole car! Ford, not sure of the year.
Front details, with the air breather sitting up high.
Here's the full car on the previous closeup. When I looked at this, I asked my friend Billy (who is in the know about cars) about the distributor hanging out there for all the world to see and whether or not that was safe. "It looks very electrical," I said. But he said it wouldn't explode or anything if it got wet, but would just cease to work. He also told me that with the manifold - or as I called it, "that big thing the exhaust pipes are connected to" - hanging out like that with no muffler, the car must sound like setting off a hand of fireworks every time it runs.
This is the back of the insanely fun tricked out Hillbilly Car. I'd seen it before, including its water-squirting guns, wheel-mounted skunk underneath, and hilarious sayings. I just loved these "windchimes" enough to grab a shot of them.

I explored a few of the stores and food specials, but having popcorn left me pretty lacking in hunger. I didn't have time to stay for any of the other fun activities, though I would really like some pictures of the costume party if anyone has any. It was a great event, and I even found the dual-color dog again wandering another part of the street while I was walking back along the main street. As you can likely see, I enjoy my 16 x 9 format of pictures, and this new camera does a lot better job of keeping the colors clean and lovely. It still makes me happy.

As a side note, I have noticed my newsletter tends to vary greatly from the others. I tend to tell a single story with a simple listing of events, as where the others go into descriptions of specific goings-ons with some small personal stories buried in there. I like doing my newsletters this way, but I don't know how the people reading them (if such people exist) are enjoying them like this. Some e-mails at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. would be nice with some opinions on it. For now though, I've got to go. Wednesdays are the busiest day of the week for me, what with updating many of the newsletters all around the Cass County areas. See you next week!


Made possible in part by Prime Sponsor
Witte Physical Therapy in Louisville and Plattsmouth
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Made possible in part by Prime Sponsor
Gregg Young Chevrolet
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Made possible in part by Prime Sponsor
Witte Physical Therapy in Louisville and Plattsmouth
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