It's the week that follows Halloween
And that is when I truly scream
The news is slow, the pace is too
And that alone will make me blue
But still I have a piece to speak
(It is required every week)
And so I bid you read the page
So you, my readers, may engage
In weekly words and pictures bright
A lovely task, a lovely sight!

Yeah... It's after Halloween. Don't let Thanksgiving disappear, and come look at a few more photos! 

Roast Beef Dinner
Date: Thursday, November 08
Place: First United Methodist Church
702 Main Street, Plattsmouth NE
Time: 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Price: Adults - $7
Children - $3.50
Take-Out - $7.50
Everyone welcome! 
Hosanna's 24th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner
 Date: Sunday, November 11
Place: Hosanna Lutheran Church
700 So. 18th Street, Plattsmouth NE
Time: 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Price: Free will offerings 
Cindy's Annual Craft Boutique
Date: Saturday, November 17
Place: Plattsmouth Community Center
Price: 8' table - $25.00 (crafts only)
For information, call Cindy at 296-6060
Christmas Dinner Homes Tours
Date: Monday, December 03
Place: The Gappa River-Hill Cottage (310 2nd Ave.)
The Eyeman House (110 N. 11th Street)
The Olsen-Lorenzo House (609 Avenue C)
The Church Bungalow (1016 Main Street)
The Hudson-Parmele House (520 Avenue F)
Time: 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM
 Price: Tickets - $10
Available in advance at C.M. Primitives (437 Main Street) or at the homes on the night of the tour
Sponsored by The Plattsmouth Conservancy
Open Hearts Kitchen
Date: Thursday, February 15, and every Thursday after that
Place: First United Methodist Church (702 Main Street)
Time: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Price: FREE
Menu: Soup, sandwiches, vegetables, fresh fruit, drinks, and dessert
Details: Is your family struggling to make ends meet? Do you have to skimp on meals or skip meals just to get by? If so, you are invited to the Open Hearts Kitchen. No questions asked, no judgements made, no lectures given, just good food and good fellowship.

So this week you can see that I'm way better up on the events schedule. This is because I have this new method of gathering events from flyers where I just take pictures from them rather than writing down the details. When I tried writing them down and got home, I realized I'd forgotten a few things and was basically out of luck. This time, I'm taking every bit of information directly from the source, and it's working out a lot better for my sanity and for the quality of information. So keep posting those flyers, since I check several different locations for my information.
It's the week AFTER Halloween. What does that mean? It means almost NOTHING happened most places, at least that I knew of. Everyone's done with the holiday. In fact, people are already shipping out Halloween for Christmas.
Ho ho ho and a bottle of rum!
This strange phenomenon has begged the question for me: what has happened to Thanskgiving? It's really a lovely holiday, people. It's a time where families come together (quite often, in fact) and not only get to stuff themselves silly. Not only that, it is a time where people reflect on all the good things that they have in their lives and give thanks for those things. Other than the food, it's a no strings attached holiday of appreciation. And the food part of it is really super! There's nothing that brings people together better than a gigantic meal, after all. Plus there are great stories of Pilgrims and Native Americans coming together to share their food with each other. People talk about how America was founded upon the idea of religious freedom, and gave freely of what they had in open cooperation with the natives of the land. Of course, neither of these notions are more than historical myth. I could go into the details, but there's no real point.
The point of all this is that I want to bring back Thanksgiving! People, I call upon you to put up your paper turkeys, ready your foliage centerpieces, and break out the holiday classics of Charlie Brown making Thanksgiving dinner for his friends or when Mr. Carlson made the incredible tactical error in regards to the flight capabilities of the bird. Remind your children that Ben Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national American bird, and then eat a whole lot of it until you can't even move. More importantly, take pleasure in a holiday that commercialization is attempting to foist from the public light because it isn't some consumer grabfest in the hollow attempt to connect love with money. So few holidays remain that can even begin to hope to live outside of the cold shadow of greed's taint.
Oiy. I sound like a communist or something. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for capitalism. I just know that in Plattsmouth, people have to share a lot of warm, happy Thanksgiving traditions, and it's time that we give those just as much light as the gaudy bulbs of Christmas. Send them in to me, please! Your family traditions, your funny stories, your menu, your events, anything Thanksgiving-related I want.
So other than that, I ran around and grabbed a few pictures in the city to help add more to the newsletter. The picture sections will be undergoing some formatting for the sake of database integrity so that while we won't be getting the full, gloriously large versions they will at least be here for posterity on the website rather than hosted by someone who might at some point drop them. When that will get done depends on how lazy I am or am not, so... Um... It will get done... Eventually and stuff.
  This tree was awesome! I have a few shots of it. I love trees with three colors of leaves.
The colors are warm and beautiful!
And look... It's a crabapple tree!
This is in front of the soda fountain. It's a great little table with a cute sign.
This fixture is NEAR the fire department... But really, it's in front of the bank. I like it because it's shiny.
And here as well in front of the bank was a water wheel. I don't know if it still makes anything wet, but the rust on it is awesome. It looks great.
So that's all there is this week. Be sure to keep sending in things, and I'll keep talking to myself out loud for you.