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The Red Velvet Cake War
By Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, Jamie Wooten
Monday & Tuesday, August 1 & 2 at 7pm

Monday & Tuesday, August 1 & 2 at 7pm

Cee Cee Windham, 35-60
Gaynell Verdeen Bodeen, 35-60
Lamerle Verdeen Minshew, 55-75
Peaches Verdeen Belrose, 35-60
Bitsy Hargis, 35-60
Elsa Dowdall, 35-60
Mama Doll Hargis, 70-120
Aubrey Verdeen, 70-90
Jimmie Wyvette Verdeen, 35-60
Newt Blaylock, 40-60
Sheriff Grover Lout, 40-60
Purvis Verdeen 45-65
A riotously funny Southern comedy. Three Verdeen cousins could not have picked a worse time to throw their family reunion. A parade of wildly eccentric Verdeens gathers on the hottest day of July in the middle of Texas tornado season. You'll wish your family reunions were this much fun!
Funny Money
By Ray Cooney
Monday & Tuesday, September 12 & 13 at 7pm
Jean Perkins: Lead role, a pretty but ordinary woman, age 40-60
Betty Johnson: Large role, a buxom (according to the script) and cheerful woman, age 40-60
Henry Perkins: An insignificant man, age 40-60
Vic Johnson: Large role, a brash man, age 40-60
Bill: Medium role, Taxi Driver, age 25-50
Detective Davenport: Medium role, age 40-65
Detective Slater: Medium role, age 40-65
A Passer-By: Small role, a large man age 40-60
Henry Perkins, a mild-mannered C.P.A., accidentally picks up the wrong briefcase. Finding it filled with assumed illicit cash, he rushes home to grab his wife and buy a one-way ticket to Barcelona. However, the police soon arrive, as does a detective thinking that Henry is dead. The high-energy fall farce is here and it's "Funny Money!"

Lofte Community Theatre
15841 Manley Rd
PO Box 62
Manley,  NE  68403
(402) 234-2553

“76 Trombones” and 53 Actors Star in Meredith Willson’s “The Music Man” on Lofte Stage!

Manley, NE [July 5, 2016] - The Lofte Community Theatre near Manley announces it will be showcasing the Meredith Willson’s classic, “The Music Man,” starting on July 22.  Winner of five Tonys in 1958 including Best Musical and best Actor and Actress, “The Music Man” is the tale of smooth-talking Harold Hill.  He arrives in River City, Iowa to pull-off his tried-and-true scheme of cheating the community with a scam to equip and train a boys’ marching band.  However, things go awry when he falls for the town’s lovely librarian and inadvertently enriches the town with a love of music.

The Lofte last visited “The Music Man” in 1978.  At that time the Born-in-a-Barn players were working out of a renovated barn with no air conditioning and outdoor bathrooms.  Now 38 years later, audiences and the fifty-three member cast have the luxury of  a climate controlled theater space that seats over three hundred!

Playing the sly Harold Hill is Lofte newcomer, Chris Berger of Louisville.  The lovely Marian the librarian is played by Catherine Bobst of Lincoln.  Matthew Hansen of Papillion plays Harold’s old friend Marcellus.  Greg Leger of Omaha and Brenda Jones of Louisville play the River City Mayor and his wife.  Little Winthrop (Marian’s cute little brother) is played by newcomer Jude Glaser of Papillion.  Artistic Director Kevin Colbert has selected a group of the region’s best acting and vocal talent from far and wide to round-out the cast.  

Production dates for the show are July 22-24, 28-31 and August 5-7.  Thursday through Saturday curtain times are at 7:30pm.  All Sunday performances are 2pm matinees.  All seats are reserved and cost $19 each.  The Lofte Theatre is offering special discounts to groups of 25 or more.  Tickets are available online at or by calling the box office at 402.234.2553.

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NOMINATE A LORD/LADY:  The Korn Klub is is accepting nominations for Lords & Ladies for the 2016 Plattsmouth Harvest Festival.  To nominate someone, please submit (email) nominee’s name and phone number, along with a brief recommendation/reason on the nominee, plus your name and phone number to one of the following:  Cindy Dougherty (for Ladies) - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / Chad Aaron (for Lords) - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

WEB SITE HELP:  The Korn Klub is looking for someone to take over and maintain the Festival web site (  If interested, or for more details, please contact Terry Little at 402-296-4170.

KORN KLUB MEETING: The next meeting to discuss and plan the Plattsmouth Harvest Festival is on Thursday, July 21, starting at 7PM, at Plattsmouth State Bank Community Room (upstairs).  The meeting is open to the public. 

The dates for this year's Plattsmouth Harvest Festival: September 8-11, 2016. The theme is: "85 Years of Harvest Memories".



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  Recycle bin is emptied every other Thursday. The next time will be July 21.


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