The recycling trailer at the end of Main Street is CLOSED

It will be emptied again Thursday, February 5, 2015.

CLICK HERE to view where our other County Recycling Trailers are


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Nebraska Community Websites - welcomes Prairie Ridge Townhomes a 2015 Community Sustaining Sponsor Fine Custom Townhomes in Louisville created for those who are looking for freedom and maintenance-free living while they travel to visit family and friends or would rather spend their time with recreational activities. Imagine being able to enjoy the summer without the hassle of mowing or appreciating the warmth of your home during the winter without the disturbance of shoveling snow! This is the time to take pleasure in the little things in life, not the little things that become a nuisance. Prairie Ridge Townhomes was designed for those who love their active lifestyle, but want the comfort and privacy of owning their own home. Prairie Homes is displayed in our Featured Property section. Check Out their new Website call Dave at 402-216-8509 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Twitter at @homes68037


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Nebraska Community Websites - Welcomes Dr. Kirby McGill as their Latest Community Sustaining Sponsor Dr. Kirby McGill is a Nebraska State Licensed and Certified Professional Counselor with over 35 years of private practice. Most of you know Dr. McGill for his work on Weight Loss and Tobacco Cessation in our area for years. Please visit his new Website :  or for more information please call 402-393-0544


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Murray's 4th of July Celebration WILL Continue!

The MURRAY FREEDOM FESTIVAL organization is a group of citizens who want to share the celebration of our country's freedoms and anyone is welcome to join our group.  In order for this event-filled day to happen, some fundraising is planned for the next few months, so keep watching here for updates.  Funds are needed for fireworks, concessions, prizes and more, so please help us in our efforts. 

We also have to rely on financial gifts from private individuals, businesses and other organizations. A gift from you, your civic group or business would greatly help us to achieve our goal in making this an annual event to be proud of. Any donation, large or small is genuinely appreciated.  (We have already received a donation of $500 from a private citizen, so feel free to match it! You may make a deposit at the Murray State Bank to the 'Murray Freedom Festival' account, or if you prefer, please mail a check to, John Hensch, Fundraising Chairman, 508 West Young St., Murray, NE 68409 and thank you, in advance, for your generous contribution!

Front Porch Eatery owner, Jose Sanchez, has agreed to shut down for one day, April 12, 2015, and has donated his place of business in Murray for us to host a free-will donation pancake feed for our cause. So mark your calendar for Sunday, April 12th, to come have pancakes.  In the meantime, stop in for breakfast, (served all day) or lunch until 2 p.m. and be sure to say, 'Thank you', to Jose for his generous contribution!

Our vision is to bring back and even add many other activities including the oozeball games, (mud volleyball), a classic car show, tug-of-war, street dance, smash-a-car, Bingo, parade and activities for the little kids, too.  We're also planning to have raffle tickets for a drawing for 1 lucky person to push the detonater for the starting of the fireworks show! (Oh, pick me, pick ME!!)   

 The nice people at AnyTime Fitness in Plattsmouth have agreed to sponsor a fun run early in the day on the 4th, so if you know any runners, let them know, and walkers can join in the fun, too!  

Also, former Murray resident, Jim Howe, (aka 'Roadkill'), has many fond memories of Murray's celebrations. He now lives at Beaver Lake and has been putting on his own enormous fireworks show at the lake the past few years. (I've seen it and it is great!)  Jim, along with Night Vision Fireworks, has graciously agreed to do Murray's show this year on the 4th and he will still do his personal show for the Lake on the 3rd, so folks in the area will have 2 nights of fantastic fireworks!(Thanks, Jim!)

Our website is up and running.  You'll be able to keep track of the activity-planning as it progresses and even share photos of your own 4th of July festivities in Murray Registration for activities such as the fun run and oozeball will be available online at our website via PayPal or registrants can pay by check.  If using PayPal, you'd choose the 'Friends and Family' tab.  Checks can be mailed to JOHN HENSCH, FUNDRAISING CHAIRPERSON, MURRAY FREEDOM FESTIVAL, 508 W. YOUNG ST., MURRAY, NE 68409.  There will be no refunds on activity registrations. 

Please plan to attend our next meeting and bring a friend on

Wednesday, February 11, 2015,
Murray Town Hall
at 6:30.

Everyone's welcome!

So, pass on the good news and put in your plans to celebrate in Murray this 4th of July!

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Cass County Fair 2015

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