The recycling trailer at the end of Main Street is CLOSED

It will be emptied again Thursday, June 26, 2014.

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Cass Trash Talk Group Forum A Public Information/Discussion Forum dedicate to Trash/Recycling/Composting and Re-Purposing information has just been created and is now provided and is managed by Visit this group at
There is a great deal of misinformation, confusion and discussion on these issues and it is valuable to establish a single official clearing house for accurate information, comment and discussion on these matters that affect everyone in Cass County.
Please accept this invitation to participate in this Discussion, ask Questions and provide your feedback.







United Methodist Church
222 Walnut St

Louisville, NE 68037

Stacy Moxey
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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                The Cass County Extension Office is offering many summer workshops, including Milk Paint Monday, What’s Bugging You-Entomology Fun, Tractor Driving & Safety, Upcycled Window Art and many more art and science workshops! Check out the workshop information on our website, or pick up a flyer in our office, 8400 144th Street, Suite 100, Weeping Water.







 The Plattsmouth Soccer Club will be  holding registration for the Fall 2014 Season in the basement of the United  Methodist Church (7TH & Main) on Sunday, June 29th, 1 – 3  p.m.


The forms may also be downloaded from:    

and mailed to Plattsmouth Soccer Club,          P.O. Box 43, Plattsmouth,             NE  68048

All Players - MUST  HAVECompleted Form, Mother’s (or Legal Guardian’s) birth  month/day, and small Photograph.

NEW Players - MUST HAVE:  Completed Form, Birth Certificate, Mother’s (or Legal  Guardian’s) birth month/day and small Photograph.


Minimum age requirements must be met  prior to 08/01/14


Age       Group


Late       Fee after 7/1/14






$10.00 (shirt)


U7       to U12




^COMPETITIVE        (Optional)

U9       & UP




^For Competitive team availability,  please contact Leigh Ann Eggert, PSC-Registrar at  402-296-4017


There is a separate registration form  and fee for players wanting to play secondary.  Please contact Leigh Ann Eggert for  information.


*Late fee applies to any team not  subject to tryouts.


+Uniforms are purchased through  Accelerated GraphX, Hwy 75 & Ave B, Plattsmouth (402-296-2633 OR  402-660-8644)


Fundraising: The Club anticipates having  a mandatory fundraiser in the fall.   Each family will be required to either participate in the fundraiser or  pay an “opt-out” fee.  Fundraising  proceeds are utilized to pay for the Club’s complex and related  improvements.


PSC is run totally by  volunteers.  This includes the PSC Board as well as the coaches and other  roles.  The Club needs your support to continue operating.  Without  volunteers, there is no club.  If you have any questions, please contact  any club officer or come to one of our regularly scheduled board meetings.   PLEASE VOLUNTEER ON THE BOTTOM OF PAGE ONE OF THE REGISTRATION  FORM.






Cass County Fair Schedule and Fair Book 2014

Just published - Get your fair entry ready!

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The Weeping Water Valley Historical Society is pleased to announce that it  has recently acquired the historic Weeping Water Academy building, which is on  the National Register of Historic Places.  The First United Congregational  Church of Weeping Water has passed this historic landmark on to the Society to  ensure the viability of this unique local treasure. In celebration, the Society  will have the building open to the public on Saturday, June 28, during Weeping  Water’s Limestone Day from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  The other buildings in  the complex, including the Kunkel Building, Heritage House, Doctor’s Office, and  Memory Lane Museum will also be open.  There will also be blacksmith, and  rope making demonstrations, along with other activities, on the grounds.  
Constructed in 1871, the building was first used as the Congregational  Church.  In 1885, the Weeping Water Academy was established by a group of  local supporters as a non-denominational Christian academy for college-bound  students.
The old Congregational church provided space for the chapel, classrooms,  and library.  During its 29 years of existence, the Academy had some 220  graduates, and over 1500 students.  By the outbreak of World War I in 1914,  the academy closed, partially due to the decreased enrollment with the  improvement of local public education in the area. In 1917, the building was  leased to the City of Weeping Water for use as the public library.  The  library was housed in the building until 2011.
The Weeping Water Valley Historical Society Museum Complex is located in  Weeping Water, about thirty miles south of Omaha down Highway 50 and thirty  miles east of Lincoln on Highway 34.  For the size of the town, the museum  really is a sight to see. You can view displays on local Native American  culture, frontier life, visit a late 1800’s home and doctor’s office, or see  recreations of Weeping Water’s early businesses.


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Have you ever got to that point in your life when you thought, "I wish I could do more exercise, but I just don't know where to start."  "I don't have time to exercise."  Yesterday was the point in my life.  I am a full time working mother of two girls.  I get so tired so fast, I also have some medical issues that add to that tired feeling.  I want to be healthy for myself, but also healthy for my family.

Today I am starting Couch 2 5K.  If you are interested below is the chart you can follow.  I also downloaded an app called C25K on the android operating system that gives you prompts and tells you what to do.  You can even listen to music on your phone and it comes over the music.  I'm not a runner....but ANY means.  I do enjoy walking but wish I would get more out of it.  So I think this will be PERFECT for me.  I'm super excited.  And if you are interested in participating even for moral support you can email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Be sure to take your weight and measurements before you start.  You might not lose weight right away, but you will see the inches melt away. 




The Old Avoca Schoolhouse, in Avoca, Nebraska, is offering a TWIN FIDDLING WORKSHOP, on Saturday, August 2, from 10 AM - 12 Noon, in the Old Avoca Schoolhouse. This workshop, led by championship fiddler and author, Deborah Greenblatt,  is perfect for fiddlers who want to learn to play duets with other fiddlers.  Students of all ages will learn how to construct their own harmony parts by ear, and by writing the notes down in standard notation.  Tunes will range in difficulty from easy to intermediate.  Fiddle tunes from many traditions will be explored, including Irish, Swedish, Klezmer, Cajun, Scottish, etc.

Enrollment is limited to 10 fiddlers, and pre-registration is required.  To sign up, or to ask questions, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  2014-03-19 CONSTRUCTION

Starting the week of March 31, if you plan to drive on Highway 75 between Union and Nebraska City, you will probably need to add at least a half hour to your trip.  

A six-mile stretch of highway south of the Union corner will be shut down until September while crews rebuild the road.   

 Either plan to detour west on Hwy 34 to Hwy 50, then south to Hwy 2, or go across the Plattsmouth toll bridge to I-29 and down the interstate.  

Plan accordingly, so you don't have to hurry!


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