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Last Saturday night's 19th annual Coffee House at St. John's School gym, Plattsmouth, was a success.  There was a record crowd of more than 400.  Most of the performers scheduled for the original date (Feb 4th, postponed by the snow storm) made it.  Lots of great music from two stages.  Many joined for a jam on the main stage for the final hour. 

The performers finished at midnight on the dot, concluding with two folk standards, "Blowing in the Wind" and "Day is Done".  So far, more than $4,000.00 has been collected from donations, raffles, and arts and crafts sales, and will be donated to Plattsmouth resident and cancer patient Lucy Bean. 

Those still wishing to donate may do so by sending a check, made payable to "LUCY BEAN BENEFIT" to:  Cass County Bank, ATTN: "Lucy Bean Benefit", 2020 8th Avenue, Plattsmouth, NE 68048.


16 Musicians 


One of the highlights of the evening was when 16 musicians and singers took the stage to play and sing

 "This Land is Your Land" and "If I Had a Hammer".



Fish Fry 





  2012 Elections


As many of you know, the Primary Election is just around the corner.

The Primary Election is May 15, 2012.

If you need to get registered to vote, or need to update your voter registration (CLICK HERE)

The Election Office, now located at 201 Main Street, is now accepting Early Voting Applications for the upcoming Primary Election.  These can be obtained by a number of ways. 

  • You could take a trip to downtown Plattsmouth, and visit the new office.  While there you can fill out your request.
  • You could call 402-296-9309 and request a form to be mailed to you.
  • Lastly, you can visit the Cass County Website and download a form.  (CLICK HERE) 

There are also a few filing deadlines that will be here before we know it!

  • Incumbent Filing Deadline (which is ANY elective office holder)
    • February 15, 2012
  • Non-Incumbent FIling Deadline
    • March 1, 2012

To see a FULL listing of filed candidates, visit the Cass County Election webpage.  (CLICK HERE)



 senator lambert


For Immediate Release: Senator Lambert's Bills for the 2012 Legislative Session


My column continues this week with legislation I’ve introduced in the current session. LB 1121 was introduced on behalf of elected officials in District 2. They want to change the law that directs signature validation for recall petitions aimed at Sanitary Improvement District (SID) trustee positions for which multiple voting is allowed. There are 346 SIDs in 21 counties and 44 legislative districts in Nebraska. If there is concern about this issue in our district, the same concern may exist throughout the state.


I introduced LB 1121 to clarify that the rights of a particular category of SID property owners are the same when they sign petitions to recall a member of the board of trustees as they are when they vote to elect the trustee. SIDs are governed by five-member boards of trustees. Trustees are elected by the property owners in the SID. Trustee positions are divided into two categories. For one category property owners are allowed one vote for each piece of property they own. This means a person who owns more than one piece of property is allowed more than one vote. LB 1121 would make it clear that the property owner, who would be allowed more than one vote, would have his or her signature assigned a value on a recall petition equal to his or her vote(s) in an election. This clarification would be based on the way the election official counts signatures on a recall petition.


I introduced LB 1005 on behalf of the many volunteer emergency responders we have in our district and throughout the state. The bill would extend job protections for emergency responders to any actively deployed member of a state emergency team.


The Volunteer Emergency Responders Job Protection Act was enacted in 2008 to give job protection to volunteer emergency responders, such as a volunteer firefighter or rescue squad member. The Act provides that an employer cannot terminate or discipline an employee who is absent from work or reports late to work, because he or she is responding to an emergency. The volunteer emergency responder is required to give notice and provide written statements to the employer prior to seeking the protection. LB 1005 would extend the same protections to an individual who is actively deployed in response to a state emergency.


I introduced LB 1029 so that when a property is in foreclosure, it would require city and village officials to have contact information so the property can be adequately maintained. One of the problems with vacant property in foreclosure is that maintenance may be neglected. It is often difficult for a city or village to identify who to contact to maintain the property. Under LB 1029 a party filing a complaint for the foreclosure of a mortgage, or a party requesting a sale of property under a deed of trust would be required to include a contact name and an address, at which the party will accept a maintenance notice. The availability of the address will streamline communication about the need for vacant property to be maintained.


We have reached the mid-point in the legislative session. To date the days have been divided between floor debate in the morning and public hearings for new bills before legislative committees in the afternoon. Committee hearings will end this week, and all-day floor debate will begin as February draws to a close. Senator, committee and speaker priority bills will become a primary focus from this point forward. I will update you regularly on key issues as the session continues.


I am always interested in hearing your comments by mail, phone or email.

            Senator Paul Lambert

            State Capitol, PO Box 94604

            Lincoln, NE 68509

            (402) 471-2613

            This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.








Lofte Theatre To Honor Volunteers

The Lofte Community Theatre will be holding its annual meeting and volunteer recognition night on Saturday, February 25th at 6pm.  The evening will begin with a social hour complete with food and beverages.  Presentations from the Lofte Board of Directors will include financial position and plans for the future.  Artistic Director, Kevin Colbert will highlight his fond memories of the 2011 productions and announce his play selections for 2013.

The Lofte will also recognize three outstanding volunteers for their contributions to the Lofte.  The Dale Crosby Awards are given in the categories of "Parker/Usher," "Behind the Scenes," and "Overall."  The award is named in honor of long-time Board President, Dale Crosby whose selfless dedication to the Lofte was an inspiration to others. 

You do not need to have been in a show this past year to attend.  We welcome all of our Lofte friends and family to attend.


The Lofte's 2011 Board of Directors invites all volunteers to attend the annual meeting on Saturday, February 25.

Lofte Board_2011 







 2-22-12 animals



Adoption fee on all animals is $60. This includes spay/neuter and vaccinations.

Microchips are an additional $25 (well worth it).

Adult Cats are always a free adoption to Senior Citizens!


Animal Shelter - 402-298-8235





Greenblatt & Seay's Schoolhouse Performance Series features a concert of Irish music on Sunday, March 11, at 2:30 PM.   Greenblatt & Seay & Friends will be singing and playing a variety of instruments, including fiddle, pennywhistle, guitar, hammered dulcimer, and banjo. Traditional Irish tunes will be featured, along with some Greenblatt & Seay originals inspired by the great Irish traditions.

Greenblatt & Seay have been playing and singing together since the night they met, decades ago.  Their performance on March 11 will include the championship fiddling styles of Deborah Greenblatt, and the fancy whistle-playing of David Seay.

The concert will be followed by light refreshments, and a chance to chat and even jam with the performers.  Avoca is in southern Cass County, Nebraska, on the 13 C Spur,  one mile south of Highway 34.  Admission is $10.00 for adults, $5.00 for students & seniors, and $1.00 for children.  For more information, call 402-275-3221, log on to, or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The historic Old Avoca Schoolhouse was built in 1925, and has been the home of the Schoolhouse Performance Series since 1990.  Music lessons, workshops, fiddle camps, and field trips are offered by Schoolhouse residents, Greenblatt & Seay, and are available by appointment.




ptownlibary 1-11-12 


Plattsmouth Library News




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 City of Plattsmouth Master Calendar

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