Friends of the Plattsmouth Public Library's Annual Book Sale is kicks off this Thursday, May 19th from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Lots of great bargains and children's books!  Rumor has it there will be a bag sale as well.... Book sale is in the Auditorium which downstairs off the Children's Area. 

This Saturday, May 22nd at 10:00 a.m. there will be a Harmonica Helper Workshop at the old Avoca Schoolhouse with Greenblatt and Seay.  Pre-registration is required so check out their website for details at

CASS COUNTY HEAD START will be hosting a "Head Start Application Day" on Wednesday, May 26th from 12pm-7pm at the Plattsmouth Early Childhood Center located at 902 Main St. We offer programs in Plattsmouth, Conestoga (Murray) and Weeping Water. No appointment necessary. Please bring: child's birth certificate, child's current immunization record, and source of income verification including proof of public assistance. Questions? Please call the Plattsmouth Early Childhood Center at 296-5250.


 "Happy Paws" Plattsmouth Animal Advocacy Group is participating in the Buccaneer Bay Garage Sales on Saturday, June 5, 2010. Sales start at 8 AM to 4 PM. Since the group does not have a garage we (the volunteers) will be on the main road (Buccaneer Blvd.) coming into Buccaneer Bay and before the clubhouse on an open lot. If the wind cooperates we will have our Happy Paws Banner displayed at our site. Please stop by and see what treasures we have to offer (all to benefit the shelter animals, of course).

Speaking of treasures ......... are you familiar with the old saying "One man's trash is another man's treasure"? We are looking for generous people to donate some treasures to our cause. If any of you would like to "find new homes" for some of your stuff we would love to take it off your hands. All we ask is that you make arrangements to get it to us at least the day before and that you mark them with appropriate prices. The coordinators for this fundraiser are Fred & Judy Schlingman. Their phone number is 402-298-8042. Please contact them with any questions and any donations for the sale or the shelter. Be sure to wish Judy a Happy Birthday too!  We really appreciate all of your continued support.      


Mumford Awarded Lofte Scholarship

Manley, NE [May 12, 2010]-   The Lofte Community Theatre is proud to announce that its 2010 Scholarship for graduating seniors has been awarded to Ross Mumford of Elmwood.  His parents are Cindy and Tony Mumford.

Mr. Mumford is not only a Lofte volunteer, but has an excellent record for his high school extracurricular activities as well.  He's active in speech, choir, Spanish Club and the Elmwood-Murdock FBLA.  During his academic career, Mumford has been a three-year All-State member, a two-year National FBLA competitor and received the Nebraska Young Artist Award.  His future plans include attending Nebraska Wesleyan and majoring in music education. 

Mumford debuted on the Lofte stage at the tender age of 11.  He was cast in his first play, "Damn Yankees" in 2003 and got to utter the memorable line, "Say it ain't so, Joe!"  He's also starred in "Laughing Stock,"  last year's musical, "Crazy For You," and many others.  What keeps Ross coming back to the Lofte year after year?  "The people and the positive experience that the Lofte continually supplies.  The Lofte has also helped me improve my singing, acting and overall performance skills.  I'm also lucky to have made so many good friends and special memories during my time here."

The Lofte extends its most heartfelt congratulations to Ross and his pursuit of higher education.  Lofte President, Anne Pope said, "Ross' selfless dedication to the Lofte and outstanding academic performance were just two of the reasons that he was chosen to receive the 2010 Lofte Scholarship.  While we all hope that he continues to grace our stage with his contagious smile and quick wit, and we also wish him the best of luck on a brilliant future." 


Thanks to Diana Puls for the following information:

Contact Person:                        Mary Ann Holland

                                                Cass County Extension

                                                8400 144th Street, Ste. 100

                                                Weeping Water, NE 68463


Date:                                     May 12, 2010

                                            For Immediate Release

Master Gardener Available at Cass County Extension

                Make plans now to visit the Cass County Extension office, located on the Cass County Fairgrounds three miles north of Weeping Water, to get answers to your gardening and landscape questions from a Master Gardener on the following dates:  

Wednesday, May 26       9:00 a.m. to Noon

Wednesday, June 2        9:00 a.m. to Noon

                Walk-ins are welcome; phone calls should be directed to 267-2205.


This is Senator Pankonin's Weekly Newsletter:

For Immediate Release: A Local Issue Prompts a New State Policy - Part II

May 14, 2010, Lincoln -As promised, when the 2009 legislative session ended, the Lower Platte South NRD and the Cass County Board continued discussions about an alternate route for the MoPac Trail extension, and the Legislature's Natural Resources Committee and my staff studied issues such as NRD trail development procedures, the role of affected governmental subdivisions, information contained in Nebraska's state trails plan, and policies and laws for recreational trail land acquisition in other states.

The Committee traveled to District 2 in September 2009 for a hearing, at which testimony was provided about this issue by landowners, representatives from county government and NRDs, and special interest groups like the Farm Bureau and the Nebraska Trails Council.

Guided by what we learned from the introduction of LB 134 in 2009, research data from all 50 states and Nebraska's 23 natural resources districts, the state trail plan and testimony at the September hearing, the Committee's staff and my staff outlined several proposals to modify the existing law that allowed NRDs to use eminent domain to take private land for trail development. District 21 Senator Ken Haar, who serves on the Natural Resources Committee and offered suggestions for modifying LB 134 last year, developed a fourth plan to assist affected landowners indirectly by addressing trail development disputes between NRDs and county boards.

When the 2010 session opened, three proposals were introduced. Senator Haar's plan was offered in LB 1019, and I proposed LBs 1010 and 1011. LB 1011 and LB 134 from 2009 both proposed to eliminate the use of eminent domain by NRDs for optional recreational trails projects while maintaining the power for necessary flood control structures. The difference between the bills was that LB 134 was the sole vehicle, through which to address the issue last year, while LB1011 was introduced this year to serve as a strong alternative to the more moderate approach contained in LB 1010.

One of the strengths of LB 1010 was the statutory precedent on which it was based. The bill was modeled on a 2002 law, which created a process for resolving a similar problem. That is, the ability of a governmental subdivision to use the power of eminent domain to take land from a person or organization which, in turn, has no right to stop the action or ensure that it is used in a fair and just manner. Under LB 1010 NRDs would retain their power of eminent domain for trail development, but be required to do so through a structured process that would guarantee public notification and input, proof of a need not just a desire to use the power, some liability protection for landowners, a formal agreement of rights and obligations between an NRD and an affected landowner, and the right of a landowner to appeal the decision to use the power to a district court.

The response to the moderate solution proposed in LB 1010 was much more favorable among senators and other interested parties than the more extreme approach proposed by LB 134 in 2009. The position of LB 1010 was also strengthened by research data, which showed Nebraska to be one of only eight states that allowed unrestricted use of eminent domain to take private property for trails.

The move from one end of a range of options to the middle garnered stronger backing from the Natural Resources Committee, a genuine willingness to negotiation and compromise from the strongest opponents of LB 134 in 2009 and statements of support from senators, who in 2009 were unwilling to vote for the more extreme policy change. Even Senator Haar, who opposed LB 134 and introduced his own plan this year, decided that LB 1010 offered the best solution to this policy issue and gave his support to the bill.

LB 1010 moved easily through the three rounds of floor debate. Several senators commented that they supported the bill, in part, because the development of LB 1010 represented the best way to create new policy for our state. As I have said several times in the past few weeks, lawmaking happens through the interaction of people, processes, policies and politics. This was certainly true of the passage of LB 1010, and the legislature's commitment to protect the rights of private landowners in Nebraska.

I appreciate the opportunity you have given me to represent District 2 in the Nebraska Legislature.

We welcome your contacts by mail, phone or email.

Senator Dave Pankonin

            State Capitol

            PO Box 94604

            Lincoln, NE 68509

            (402) 471-2613

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.          



 In more news from the Lofte:

 Heaven Can Wait" Kicks Off Lofte's 34th Season

Manley, NE [May 6, 2010]-The Lofte Community Theatre will begin its 34th season with Harry Segall's classic, "Heaven Can Wait."  It is the story of a loveable prize-fighter, Joe Pendleton whom is snatched into the afterlife before his time.  In an effort to rectify the situation, his guardian angel returns Joe to earth in the body of an elderly millionaire.  "Heaven Can Wait" has all of the ingredients of a lighthearted comedy while also asking important questions about life and true love.

The original stage play "Heaven Can Wait" has been made into several movie versions over the years.  The most well-known was the 1978 film starring Warren Beatty and Julie Christie.  The original movie, 1941's "Here Comes Mr. Jordan"  received two Academy Awards for Original Story and Best Screenplay. 

Directed by Kevin Colbert, the production stars Jamion Biesterfeld of Louisville in the starring role of Joe Pendleton.  His well-meaning heavenly guide is played by Bob Pinkerton of Weeping Water.  Other cast members include Theresa Massoth and Mark Sievering of Murray; Mark Sheldon, Tim Sorensen and Jeff Johnston of Elmwood; Anna and Levi Stroebel and Silvia Conley of Omaha; Melinda Mead and David Willingham of Plattsmouth and Hope and Dave Hibler of Manley.

The production runs May 28-30, June 4-6 and 10-13.  Tickets are $16 and can be purchased by calling the Lofte Box Office at (402) 234-2553 or online at  Please note that season tickets for all five of the Lofte's stage productions can still be purchased for $60 through June 13.

Pictured on Attachment:  Bob Pinkerton of Weeping Water and Jamion Biesterfeld of Louisville star in the Lofte's season opener, "Heaven Can Wait."



The "Cass County Railroad Ruffians Base Ball Club" is seeking experienced ballists to turnback-

the-clock and participate in America's National Pastime as it might have been prior to

the turn-of-the-century.

On Sunday, June 20th, the Plattsmouth Main Street Association will sponsor an

"Old Fashioned Father's Day in the Park"

at Rhylander Park in Plattsmouth. It will be a family day of vintage food, music and games for all ages.

The featured event of the day will be an old-time base ball (it was originallytwo words) game played by 1860 rules.

The "Cowtown Vintage Base Ball Team" fromWichita, KS will challenge our own "Cass County Railroad Ruffians Base Ball Club" to a game- complete with vintage uniforms and equipment.

Our Railroad Ruffians are looking for base ball and softball volunteer players across the county at every age level (15 and up) who want to learn to play the 1860 style game.

There will be 4 short practices in the weeks prior to the game. The nine-inning game will begin at 1:00 pm on Sunday, June 20, 2010, just for fun. If we win that will be ok!!

Interested ball players please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 296-5544 and provide your name, telephone number and email address by May 27th.

In addition, volunteer seamstresses, Civil War reenactors, base ball & vintage game historians, musicians and other era specific ‘talents' are also encouraged to contact Jan Sandoz at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 402-321-1663 to learn more about how you can play a special part in this community event.

( Funded in part by Cass County Tourism and Nebraska Humanities Council )


 One last reminder, don't forget Art in the Yard on Sunday, May 30th starting at 10:00 a.m. at Parmele House!


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