It's Church Luncheon season!   St. Paul's United Church of Christ is having their "Famous" Chicken Salad, Hot and Cold Roast Beef Sandwiches, with Salads and Pies, Thursday, April 8th from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.  They are located at 5th and Main.  Bring a group and enjoy the food and fellowship!

AN EVENING OF ENTERTAINMENT AND DINNER on Friday (4/9) at Plattsmouth High School. Comedian Hypnotist Rich Bultez performs at 7:30pm. $10 per person at the door. Before the show, there is a Pasta Feed in the Commons Area, $5 for adults (13-59 years of age), $3 for children under 13 and senior citizens. Children under 3 eat for free. The meal will include pasta, bread, salad and a drink. Please come and support these fund raisers for the PHS After Prom.



The Plattsmouth Early Childhood Center is celebrating "Week of the Young Child" starting Monday, April 12th with a week filled with activities.   Their annual Open House is Monday night from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. including a Children's Art Show and Scholastic Book Fair.  For more information, contact them at 296-5250.

Diana Puls sent the following message and website link:

In the early spring, the new generation of bagworms will emerge from the silk sack prepared the season before. For information on control, visit the Cass County Extension website at:

Thanks to Jan Young for the following info about the upcoming Relay for Life:

Information about this program and walk can also be found at and at our local Omaha office at 402-393-5801.

Please "Save The Date - June 26, 2010" and join us for The Cass County Relay For Life at Plattsmouth High School as we all join forces to walk in the fight against every form of cancer. It is our 15th birthday in Cass County and we need you to help us celebrate!

For additional information, please logon to

or call 402-393-5801.    Thank you.


 Senator Dave Pankonin's Column for April 2, 2010:

For Immediate Release: The 2010 Consent Calendar

April 2, 2010, Lincoln- One or more times during the session, the speaker of the legislature uses a procedure known as Consent Calendar. Bills advanced by a legislative committee with no dissenting votes are eligible to be placed on the Calendar. The Calendar and the bills it contains must be announced at least twenty-four hours before debate is scheduled. A bill on Consent Calendar is assigned fifteen minutes for introduction and debate. When debate ends or the allotted time expires, a vote is taken. A bill can be removed from the Calendar by the written request of at least three senators before debate begins or during its fifteen-minute time allotment. The 2010 Consent Calendar included these bills and 25 others.

With the passage of LB 884, employers would be required to provide an employee with an itemized statement of wages and deductions, because this documentation is needed by individuals who want to qualify for loans or enter into other financial contracts. Our current law does not require employers to issue such a statement.

LB 986 by Senator Conrad of Lincoln would encourage good eating habits by allowing the use of electronic scanners or point-of-sale devices to enable Nebraskans to use federally subsidized food and nutrition program benefits at farmers markets.

The $60,000 homestead property exemption that is currently available to the "head of the family" would be allowed under LB 907 for unmarried persons who are 65 and older, but are not the "head of a family". This change in our law would allow more qualified citizens to protect their home equity in bankruptcy proceedings.

The Nebraska Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing charges fees for initial competency assessments for sign language interpreters. Although this practice is already in place, the state auditor advised that this authority should be placed in law. LB 706 would accommodate the auditor's request.

Many stores now use electronic merchandise tags to prevent shoplifting. As a result thieves have developed counter-measures to avoid detection. Some use special devices to remove sensors, while others use special metal-lined bags to avoid setting off electronic theft alarm sensors. LB 894 would make the removal or disabling of these tags, or possession of devices designed to do so, illegal. The bill would address new methods of stealing, which lead to higher prices for consumer goods and bring Nebraska in line with most of the surrounding states that have already adopted such a law.

LB 713 would allow school districts to perform health inspections at any time during the school year, instead of during the first quarter of the year as is currently required. The health inspections are performed in order to determine if a child suffers from defective sight or hearing, dental defects or other conditions that are specified by the Department of Health and Human Services. LB 713 would require schools to confirm such inspections for students entering during the school year, rather than performing them immediately upon the student's entrance in the new school. The Health and Human Services Committee amended the bill to allow an exception for a child, whose parent or guardian provides a statement from a health professional to verify that the child has had a similar inspection within the past six months. The Committee also granted school boards the ability to employ physicians to perform the health inspections in lieu of such procedures being conducted by the district.

Currently, a towing company is required to notify a lien holder, whose name appears on the certificate of title of a motor vehicle within 30 days of towing the vehicle. LB 1065 would reduce this time frame to 5 business days.

The jurisdictional amount for Small Claims Court is $2700. Our law now requires the Supreme Court to adjust the amount every five years by using an unadjusted Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers. LB 695, as amended by the Judiciary Committee, would make a one-time adjustment from the current amount to $3500. The Court would then use $3500 as the basis for future five-year adjustments. This change would make the jurisdictional amount for Small Claims more consistent with amounts that are sent in other Midwestern states.

I appreciate the opportunity you have given me to represent District 2 in the Nebraska Legislature.

We welcome your contacts by mail, phone or email.

Senator Dave Pankonin

State Capitol

PO Box 94604

Lincoln, NE 68509

(402) 471-2613

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This last release was also in my email from Omaha Public Power District. 

For Immediate Release:  For Additional Information: Mike Jones, 402-636-3749; Jeff Hanson, 402-636-3755

April 1, 2010:

OPPD (In-Lieu-of) Tax Bill for 2009 Makes a Huge Leap

     The (in-lieu-of) tax bill for the Omaha Public Power District jumped by more than $2.5 million for calendar year 2009. OPPD today issued checks totaling a record of almost $24 million to the counties in OPPD's service territory. That compares to last year's amount of almost $21.3 million.

        OPPD's payment to Cass County increased by almost $38,000 from last year, a nearly 23 percent increase.

        OPPD Director Fred Ulrich represents Cass County on the Board. He presented a check for $203,870.17 today to the Cass County Treasurer's Office.

        "The amount of OPPD's payment represents a significant increase from last year and shows how much we contribute to the treasuries of the counties, cities and school districts we serve," said Director Ulrich.

        The money takes the place of property and other taxes. Like other businesses, however, OPPD pays sales tax, wheel and gasoline taxes, motor vehicle license fees, and permit fees.

         The eleven counties that received payments today and the amounts received are as follows:

                Douglas   $19,677,071.64

                Sarpy   $3,048,063.86

                Washington      $ 514,092.64

                Saunders        $ 223,966.66

                Cass    $203,870.17

                Dodge.  $104,191.33

                Nemaha  $ 31,680.57

                Johnson $ 12,126.44

                Richardson      $ 11,944.97

                Otoe    $ 4,240.58

                Colfax  $ 4,090.96

                Total   $ 23,835,339.82

        County treasurers will distribute the funds to the various taxing bodies in each county.

The last item, I am including the fundraiser information for Happy Paws again because this group is really making a difference in Plattsmouth!

The other fund raiser (also a type of contest) involves "Pet Enthusiast" Magazine. Happy Paws is selling subscriptions to the magazine and for every paid subscription we will get a portion which will help us support the shelter by providing for all the daily needs of our shelter pets. It also offers the financial support for Vet care for sick or injured pets and without it the shelter would not survive. Every single donation is very important to Happy Paws and the shelter. Without the support of many concerned citizens, the shelter would be "out of business" and the animals would go to the Nebraska Humane Society, where depending on their space availability,the animals future could end in euthanasia.

Here's the information:

We are offering subscriptions to this magazine for $24.99 a year. Of that $24.99, we will get $5.00. It will add up! It really is a great magazine!

Ordering is simple, you can go to their web site at and then click on the banner at the top that says "Subscription Fundraiser" -  it's fast and easy to do.  Be sure to click on the down arrow to highlight Plattsmouth Animal Shelter when ordering so we get credit for your order.

Thank you for your support.


LAST BUT NOT LEAST .............

Please visit the shelter web site often and do stop in to say "hello" during shelter hours. The animals love the attention!

The web site is  and click on the green "Happy Paws" tab - read about us and make a donation if you wish. 

Have a great week everyone and I will see you around town!   Thanks for all the email submissions and please keep them coming to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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