Plattsmouth Election Unofficial Results
Proposition 1-additional ½ cent tax

For 856

Against 375

Propostion 2-remove sunset clause

For 759

Against 473

Total ballots cast 1236 Voter turnout 28.8%

Nancy Josoff

Cass County Election Commissioner

145 N 4th St Rm201

Plattsmouth, NE 68048


Fax: 402-296-9509

Excellence is the result of dreaming more than others think is practical and expecting more than others think is possible.


Before I go into my regular items, I would like to thank John and Irina Harrington for their patience with me for the past few weeks.  I have had some personal issues going on and my already precarious schedule was pretty much falling apart.  So thank you for putting together my newsletters and accepting them late, I appreciate you both very much!

There is a fundraiser for the Plattsmouth Senior Center Dinner this Friday night, November 13 at 6:00 p.m.  Dinner is a Huge Baked Potato with all the fixins', Chili, Salad, and Carrot Cake for dessert.  Darrel Draper will be doing a presentation on Plattsmouth: Crossroads of the Western Fur Trade. It is $10.00 per person with limited seating. Please call 296-5800, extension #1 to make reservations.  

Myrna and Billy Hale who are both very active in the community are now focused on their 9 year old grandson, Jeremy Majors and his need for a new heart.  A Spaghetti feed fundraiser is being held at the Eagles Club in Nebraska City on Saturday, November 14th starting at 5:00 p.m. The food will be served until 7:30 p.m.  The band, Johnny on the Spot will play from 8:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m.  The evening promises to be a lot of fun and what a great way to support this family.  A freewill donation will be taken to help offset the costs of the heart transplant.

The Inter Agency Meeting is this Thursday, November 12th at the Plattsmouth Early Childhood Education Center from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm.  The speaker is Carolyn Anderson with Partnerships in Aging (PIA) network.  This is a free event and you are welcome to brown bag your lunch.  Please call Lee Ann Stander at 296-5250 for more information about this program.

The Plattsmouth Public Library is participating in the National Library Association's National Gaming Day this Saturday by offering both a Wii Tournament during the day and Gaming/Pizza at night.  Please call 296-4154 for more information.


Press Release from the Lofte Theatre in Manley: 

Manley, NE [November 9, 2009]-  The Lofte takes great pride in utilizing the performing arts to give young people self-confidence and public speaking skills.  In that tradition, the Lofte is preparing to host not one, not two, but three diffferent high school one-act play competitions this fall!  In recent years, the Lofte has become a popular location for these types of competitions.  Its central location, friendly volunteers and authentic theater environment are three reasons why school administrators keep coming back.    All competitions are open to the public.  In general, the competition days begin around 9am.  Schools will take turns performing a 30 minute piece, then there is a 15 minute break to allow for set changes and judges critique.  The competition will last all day.   Concessions will be available for purchase throughout the day with tables and seating in the lobby.  Below is a list of competition dates and the schools that will be participating.  

Wednesday, November 18th - ECNC Conference

East Butler
Johnson County Central
Weeping Water

Monday, November 23rd - Capitol Conference

DC West
Fort Calhoun
Raymond Central

Wednesday, December 2nd - District C1-1

Humboldt-Table Rock-Steinauer
Johnson County Central
Lourdes Central Catholic
Tri County


The following message is from Patrick Cole with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).  This was in my email this week and so I am happy to pass it along.

2010 will be bringing about some significant changes to permitting.  All of the common hunt/fish type permits will be issued through the electronic system, even at external vendor locations. Some permit fee changes in summary:

The Habitat Stamp for 2010 will be $20.00 (a $4.00 increase). This also means the Lifetime Habitat Stamp will go from $320 to $400 January 1, 2010.

The Aquatic Habitat Stamp for 2010 will be $10.00 (a 2.50 increase)....note this adds to the cost of Fishing permits (except the 1-day).  So while no increase to the Fishing permit fees were made, their costs will increase due to the increase in the incorporated Aquatic Habitat Stamp. 

Nonresident Paddlefish Permits will increase $20 to the 2010 rate of $40.00

A Nonresident Combination Hunt and Fish permit was created for a fee of $120.00  (add the required $10.00 aquatic stamp and necessary $20.00 habitat stamp and the cost will be $150 plus the issue fee ($1.00 from NPC or $2.00 from external agent).

Resident Lifetime Furharvest permits were established with similar cost and age breaks as the resident lifetime hunt permit.

Perhaps one of the more dramatic and unprecedented moves was the creation of youth deer, antelope and turkey permits at record low price of $5.00.  This price is for either resident or nonresident participants age 15 and below.  The goal is to increase interest and participation by young hunters. 

Changes involving nonrefundable application fees for our new ‘lottery' type permit offerings.  These new offerings that will become available next year, might include such things as a ‘statewide' elk permit or a multispecies permit that would allow the harvest of a deer, 2 turkeys, an antelope and perhaps in some cases an elk.  The actual offerings will be determined in wildlife regulations.  These permits would be offered in a similar fashion as the Bighorn Sheep permit, where an individual can apply and be put in a drawing.

Well, that is enough for this week and please note the attached flyers for the craft show at Flying Wheels on November 28th!



Thanks and have a great week,