First of all let me say this week that I love Summer!   Not just for the obvious reasons like sunshine, it is light until 9:00 pm,  swimming, and outdoor cooking.  What I love is the abundance of activities and how easy it is to find fun things to do here in Plattsmouth, Omaha, or even Lincoln.  We are so lucky to live so close to these big cities but at the same time have the benefits of our small town. This week are some pictures of various activities from the last couple of weeks around town. 



The first ones are from the Summer Reading Program kickoff at the library last Tuesday.  Approximately 72 kids plus chaperones enjoyed the craft fair and making all kinds of fun projects. 
The group shot is from the new Marionette workshop at the library on Wednesdays for June. The class has 12 members and is taught by Evelyn Stewart, school librarian extraordinaire!



We went to Taste of Omaha last Saturday night which was very cool.  We loved the boat ride and hearing live band music.  (oh and I had a Gyro to die for!)

Last batch, my daughter is spending this week in Fremont at Camp Calvin Crest.  This is her first time and Mom’s being without for a week.  I am sure she is having a great time and so far, I am convinced she is warm enough and remembering her bug spray!  Hopefully I will get some kind of mail this week to confirm these thoughts. My son was the official photographer for the last minutes of the camp dropoff so I couldn’t resist including my favorite of his pictures. 


And coming up is the Plattsmouth Garden Club biannual garden walk with six gorgeous gardens on display.  Sunday, June 14 from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., get out and enjoy the weather and nature’s beauty.  Tickets are $5 and are available at Village Nursery or any of the gardens. 

And don’t forget about Chautauqua on June 24-June 28!  More details on that next week-full schedule is available through the Plattsmouth Chamber of Commerce website.